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Let’s be honest.
You simply can’t juggle it all.

But you NEED marketing...and you're tired of duct taping it all together or hiring 10 different people who are all doing separate things.

sound right? learn more!

-emily, the dairy fairy

"Alexandrea and her team are amazing — creative, dedicated, strategic and and invaluable.
Our on boarding was smooth and seamless. They carefully monitored our needs and were able to nimbly calibrate with adjusting our scope and resources to suit our evolving needs.
Their expertise range and cover every angle from a holistic perspective, and down the the smallest tactical detail, so that we (and our customers) are able to enjoy the full vision of our brand. If you are considering a CMO partner, (Honeycomb Media) will definitely impress you."

Our Fractional CMO full service package is the all-encompassing marketing bundle that gives you the ultimate peace of mind.

We’ll craft the strategy, content, and handle community engagement on all platforms to ensure your content represents YOU. 
With the full service package, you’ll watch your brand’s impact come to life and your audience grow — without ever lifting a finger.

This is for you if...

You're tired of keeping up with all the new platform changes.

You want a marketing team, but don't want to piecemeal it together.

You appreciate and respect the marketing expertise from a team.

You want a custom-built strategy just for you.

You're ready to shake things up (in a very good way!)

You take pride in long-term partnerships and want a team who will be with you through the long-haul.

Take the time to learn more about you and your goals.

Dig into competitors, data and build a plan just for you.

Guide you in the right direction to start.

Be sure our foundation is tidied up at the beginning.

To get started, we'll:

Excited, rejuvenated and like you've made the best decision ever! Okay, but really.... your business will be in the best hands you can imagine!

you'll feel:

show me the honey!

What It Typically Looks Like . . .

here's a big picture overview of what the first few months together usually look like!

mONTH 1.

The first month is a lot of fun, and we try to keep it as least stressful for you as possible (promise!) We take the time to get to know you and your brand & the first month is all about doing that while we get the ball rolling!


After a good month of data, we can start looking at data points, adjust strategy if needed & decide future changes (if any). This is one of the favorite months here at Honeycomb because we get to see tangible results!

we get comfy

Okay, not comfy in the "never going to change anything else ever again" type of feelings, but moreso the working relationship where we continue to grow together! We'll innovate, look at new money-making ideas and keep the growth happening like never before.

No, you're not going to get Joe who would rather be out fishing.

You're going to get a real life team who truly cares, wants only the best and brings massive expertise to the table, all at the same time.

You'll be supported by your Account Manager, Design Team and Copywriting Team. . . . what could be better?!

All with the help of a team willing to help however they can

a marketing experience that you've never experienced before




Mentoring & Consulting

What we can also help with:

it doesn't stop at marketing!

Ready to start?

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