Honeycomb Media was built to what is today almost entirely from referrals - not because we asked or had a referral program, because they simply loved us.
I am no stranger to the idea of how we may not be as big as we are today if it wasn't for the amazing power of referrals (if you've ever mentioned our name, THANK YOU!) 
Today, we're excited to be at a place where we can officially give back when referrals come in . . . and we're keeping it simple!

the power of referrals

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we believe in 

10% PayPal cash of their first month of services*

After 5 referrals, you'll get 50% off, for life (all services!)

how this whole referral thing works

What you get:

Be sure to tell prospective clients, friends, etc, that you sent them - that's it!

what you have to do:

*please note this is for marketing services. All website design and tech services are a flat rate of $150 per referral.