This isn't your typical coaching.

a blend between mentorship and consulting . . . this 1:1 program helps you grow while balancing all aspects of your life at the same time.

I totally get how overwhelming hiring a coach can feel, and how stressful it may be to be sure you're picking the "right one". That's why I believe in keeping it simple. 

Hiring a coach changed the way I think about business and taught me a lot about how I wanted to best support my clients. Today, I run my coaching program at an affordable, high-touch, high-capacity level with limited spots so I can be sure I give you the exact support you need, when you need it.

the business side

Building and Scaling a Team

Sales and Launch Ideas



Marketing Strategy

Customer Service

Trainings & Foundation Building

New Product Ideas & Launches

the personal side

Emotional Intelligence

Handling Situations Appropriately

Work Life Balance

Self Care

Feeling Unstuck

Home Life


Self Worth

this is built for you

Just like everything at Honeycomb, we never want to shove you into a mold that doesn't work for you. Looking for phone calls only? Zoom calls only? Never having any calls and only using messaging? I've got you!

This is the highest level container working 1:1 with Alexandrea and clients stay for years . . .  it's just that powerful.

Ready to get started and see if this is a good fit for you? Let's keep it simple! Shoot over an email and let's get the conversation going.

"Alex goes above and beyond in every aspect of her marketing strategies. Since hiring Alex, I have been able to work smarter and with intentionality. I’ve been able to grow my business while fully focusing on my passion for creating content for families with littles. Alex is one of the few that TRULY cares about your business as the WHOLE person. Not only is Alex a dream to work with but her methods garner true long-lasting results for your business now and for the future."

-Katie Wyllie, Made to be a Momma

5 stars

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Questions & Answers

you ask. we answer.

what makes this coaching program unique?

I don't need to coach, but I love it. Ever since I started this journey, I've been coaching and I love, more than anything else, to help my clients overcome obstacles & grow their businesses in a simple and attainable way.

What makes you qualified to coach?

This is a great question! I believe my experience, in both failures and successes, helps give me a perspective that is valuable to my clients. I have built a team of 20 contractors & employees and run a top-tier marketing agency but have also worked in retail and dropshipping businesses.

how much does 1:1 coaching cost?

My goal is for this to be an attainable investment for your business, but I also have it priced so my clients truly takae it seriously. I have 3, 6 and 12 month packages starting at $1785/month.

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