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Meet alex

In 2016, I started Virtual Assistant work on a whim . . . never knowing (or expecting) that it would turn into what it is today.  In 2018, I started the shift into marketing strategy and the rest is history! 

We have worked with thousands of businesses and bloggers in every niche to scale and grow. As any business owner knows, growing & scaling a team can be tough but after many years, I can proudly say everyone here at HM cares just as much about your business that you do.  The fact that we have been able to scale while remaining heart-centric is something I will never take for granted.

From nutrition, to education, to food, our love for helping entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams is what drives us! 

-Katie Wyllie, Made to be a Momma

"Not only is Alex a dream to work with but her methods garner true long-lasting results for your business now and for the future."

We truly believe that any company is only as good as the team it has — and nothing has been truer for Honeycomb Media. Early on in our entrepreneur journey, we decided on one major decision: Keep people in their zones of genius.

This has been one of the biggest keys to success for all of our Account Managers, Designers, Ad Managers and Copywriters. While sometimes, we find out that somebody has an even better Zone of Genius and may move them to a different position in the company, we absolutely love being able to cheerlead our team on to success.

And, it's important to note that your success as the client is our success. Our team consistently goes above and beyond to help our clients and we're proud of that.

We truly care and I think that's all anyone really wants, right? As a client, we can promise you that you won't just get Joe off the street who would rather be off doing something else — you're going to get a dedicated team who is in your corner through the good and bad, there with ideas and expert advice, and who will always be cheering you on. 

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*picture from our Spring 2022 retreat - and only showcases part of our team!

Meet the Executive team

Alexandrea harrelson,

Kat duncan,

meg grablick,
creative director

(Team LEad)

Meet the Account Managers

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our business story

History Time!


Alex built her first ever online ecommerce business


Graduated from college and started expanding knowledge.


Continued to expand business, built first blog.


Alex started to do Virtual Assistant work not really knowing what it was.


Harrelson Media (now Honeycomb) was born! Alex worked as a VA managing over 20 clients.


The first attempt at building an agency- and it failed. Learned a lot!


Second attempt at building an agency, and this time it worked! 


Now, with a team of almost 20, Honeycomb Media is one of the top leaders in digital marketing for content creators & retail business owners alike.

What we are Known For

Laughing and having fun with every single project!

Always making time for family, and making it priority for YOU to take more vacations & time off!

Understanding that every client is completely unique and has different needs.

Being complete
work-from-home rockstars while getting massive results.

We believe that marketing doesn't have to be scary, overwhelming or exhausting.

We believe you derserve the highest quality partnerships and service.